AirVPN is among the most recognizable VPN companies in the world. It is minimal working policy, no DNS seapage and strong encryption make that an excellent choice for torrenting, Netflix internet streaming and a number of additional online actions.

The website itself is refreshingly non-salesy and lays out the facts. It can organized with pages about features, web servers and prices, as well as a support platform and blog page.

It also has a hardware location page, which exhibits all hosts with specific status facts (load, titled ping times, number of users), as well as user-centric stats like greatest speeds and longest treatments. This openness and info is a great support for choosing the best placement to connect to, especially if you will absolutely new to VPNs or learn which web server will give you the smallest latency.

Communicate and P2P

If you’re huge torrenter or possibly a fan of streaming, AirVPN’s extensive set of servers means you can enjoy unrestricted bandwidth throughout its entire library of 138 locations. And, unlike some providers, you can also port ahead up to twenty ports for the purpose of enhanced rate and performance.


If you’re a great enthusiast, you may appreciate that AirVPN in concert with a wide range of networks – Glass doors, macOS and Linux, as well as iOS and Opera OS. In addition, it supports routers running DD-WRT, Tomato and AsusWRT. And the forums happen to be where you’ll find long-term, real-user knowledge from keen enthusiasts.

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